Choosing corporate gifts for your company is a tough task. They should not peeve the recipient but add to his happiness.

Here are a few tips for choosing corporate gifts:

  • Consult an expert: While deciding on what promotional corporate gifts to present to clients, employees or other businesses, it is good to consult experts who have experience and skill in handling promotional gifting process. You can take the advice of corporate gifting companies in Delhi to find the best promotional items for your company.

  • Select promotional gifts which you will like to use yourself: The best way to judge whether your promotional gift will be loved by your clients, customers or employees is how you evaluate it yourself. If your opinion is that the gift is an inexpensive and cheesy bit of fluff, it is likely that the recipients will see it the same way.
  • Select gifts on which you can proudly display company name: Take care since clients and customers will link your company with any product that bears its name. Choose corporate gifts that enhance the image of your company.


  • The best gifts will be used daily by recipients: If your target is that people remember your name and brand all the time, it will be good to gift promotional items that will be put to daily use. Think desk clocks, personal planners and coffee mugs.
  • Display your name on corporate gifts when suitable: It is not compulsory that all corporate gifts should carry your name, but most can use it. It will be considered a shameless marketing if name of your company is imprinted on gifts for special events which are not related to business.In most cases, a small print logo or discrete engraving is suitable for most corporate gifts.
  • If your corporate gift is meant mainly for promotion, choose a product associated with your business. If your target is to enhance brand recognition, select a gift item which can be easily associated with your business to imprint the brand in the mind of clients. For instance, a hardware store can gift a yardstick which will do better than a printed pen.
  • Corporate gifts for employees must be adequately personal, not too less or too more: If you are selecting corporate gifts for a personal milestone or special event for employees, choose items which are meant for personal use than professional use. Printed mouse pads or note-pads are a no- no. Better would be an engraved key chain, USB promotional items or an embroidered cap.
  • Focus on goal for choosing corporate gifts: There is always an objective behind a corporate gift and this will determine what you buy. Promotional gifts fro name recognition will be much distinct from those used for a not-for-profit event.
  • Allocate budget for corporate gifts: corporate gifts are much more than items for pleasure. In case of some companies, they are an integral part of marketing. Thus budget must be allocated for it under heads like business promotion/advertising/ customer retention etc.

These are some tips on how to select corporate gifts or promotional products for your business.

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