Deciding on promotional gifts is a daunting task, but it is necessary and critical for the success of your business. You may use promotional products for external or internal branding but it is very valuable for creating a positive effect on your business.

Whatever be the promotional products you send out this year, remember that they must be both attractive and functional. The aim is to get employees, consumers and clients aware of your brand and how thoughtful your company is.

You certainly don’t want stakeholders of your business believe that you cannot think beyond the ubiquitous imprinted pen and can consider something better like a promotional pen drive.

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Here   are a few tips for choosing the best promotional products for your company:

  • Understand the recipient:

When you determine who your target for promotional gifts is, half the job is done. You will thus avoid irrelevant ideas for promotional gifts. Do some research on employees and clients, their likes and dislikes, hobbies and obsessions. Particularly consider whether you will like to receive the gift you have in mind. If you think it is tacky and cheap, it is highly likely that your recipients will do too.

  • Set the budget:

Determine a budget for the promotional gifting exercise so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. You can include cost of gifts to tax deducting exercises.

  • Customize:

This is crucial. Handing away promotional products which are not branded is a useless exercise. Also, if the company takes effort to personalize items, it shows they care about likes and dislikes of the recipients.

  • Keep up with deadlines:

You must plan the exercise much in advance, keeping in mind delivery and packing time. For example, it would be totally bizarre if you gift Christmas coffee mugs after New Year.

  • Imprinted with company image:

If you give away imprinted promotional gifts which have a cheap look and are of bad quality, you will generate a wrong impression about the image of the company. You must take pride in imprinting your company name on your promotional product.

  • Use creativity:

One can stand out in the competition, by being creative while choosing promotional gifts. At the same time, these gifts must be practical and functional for daily use.


When you desire to select the best promotional gift, consider what you want the gift to accomplish. The gifts must:

  • Be useful: will be used regularly by client
  • Be portable: The client will carry them around, spreading the message.
  • Be attractive: It will inspire clients to think well of you.
  • Remind client of you regularly: This happens if the gift items will be placed at vantage point like your desk where it will be viewed daily.
  • Be likely to switch owners: this way it will reach a much broader audience.

Some common promotional gifts include:

  • Branded pens
  • T-shirts, Sweat shirts, Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Pads of sticky notes
  • Branded USB memory stick.
  • Branded key chains
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote bags
  • Branded diaries and calendars

If these ideas don’t suit you, you can go in for other corporate gifts with logo. You can consult professionals and experts to choose promotional products for your company.

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