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Gifts And Greetings: A Remarkable Custom Existing In Society

Festivals bring out the unity among the people as they get together and celebrate the event by exchanging sweets and gifts and bursting crackers. This is the time you notice the differences too. Many of the people do not take part in the celebration because they belong to a different religious or culture.

Differences in companies

Many businesses and corporate offices too exchange gifts with other offices on which they depend for their supplies or for distributing their product. However, there are those that do not. This difference between an ordinary company and one that has good ties with other companies spells the difference between a successful company and one that is mediocre.

Be ready to give to get

The process of gifting will cost money. However, this is trivial compared to the amount of goodwill one creates through this gesture. To pick out their corporate gifts companies look for gift shops that offer gifts in many classes ranging from costly to cheap.

Choose as per price or utility

Picking the gift is an art. One can go either by the price or by the utility value of the gift. This means you choose a gift that is in the low-price range say less than Rs 200 or pick one on top of the list that costs Rs 500 or more. Alternately, one can find one that has some use for the receiver. This means you pick a storage device that he or she can use to store their files and documents or give them a pen set that they can use on their work desk.

Promotional Product

Occasions to gift

Many business concerns give gifts on special occasions. They mark the work anniversary of the company by giving gifts to all their employees. This token of appreciation of the work done by the workers goes a long way to establishing the camaraderie between the employees and the employer.

Use of promotional gifts

Many other concerns give gifts for promotion. This means that they emboss or stencil the name of the company or the donor on the gift. This gift may stay with the recipient for a couple of months at least during which time all those who the recipient mingles with come to know of the company. This type of passive advertisement helps boost the company reputation and make it popular.

Reinforcing work bonds

Often, business ventures give gifts to each other. The idea is to promote awareness among the workers there are others who work to create or sell the same goods. For instance, a watch maker may use the watch dials from another supplier. By exchanging the gifts on a festival, the workers of each concern come to know of the other and the work they do. This helps them remember each other when they work.

The idea of gifting comes from our traditional values and culture. We normally greet each other when we see one another. This means that we respect and like the other person. The gifts are like this in that we go one step further in our greeting. We reinforce our respect and tell that the person matters more than the others who did not receive the gifts. So, give your gift now – show you care.

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