Thank you notes may be the mainstay of your PR exercise, but giving a small gift will go a long way in impressing clients and employees. Gift giving need not be restricted to special occasions like festivals but also can be given-‘just because’ or for no particular occasion.

Corporate gifts can be used for any reason from incentivizing employees to business branding to construct closer relationship with partners and clients. The best gifts are custom corporate gifts.


Consider the following tips:

  • Choose with care: Be thoughtful while selecting gifts for co-workers and employees. For one who does not like coffee, one must not gift a coffee maker. Before splurging, do a bit of sleuthing into likes and dislikes of recipients.
  • Keep within budget: If you are pooling in money to give a gift, respect t the budgets of all who are contributing. Do not burden anyone by asking them to part with money meant for grocery shopping.
  • Be tasteful: Do not present tacky, cheap gifts which will not be liked by anyone. A greeting card would do much better. Gifting chocolates to a person on diet is inappropriate. The best way to decide on a gift is considering whether you will like receiving it.
  • Public gifting: If you are rewarding an employee for a certain achievement, it is good to bestow him or her with a gift in public.

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By sending gifts to clients, you will show them your appreciation and keep details of your company fresh in their minds. Here are some tips to choose the best corporate gifts to your clients:

  • Identify values you want to project in the minds of clients: Sending a T-shirt with company logo is very different from gifting a bottle of wine. Thus the gift must re-inforce the values of your company.
  • Consider values of your client: Sending any useful gift might work as a good idea, but you can do better by choosing gifts that match the values of the client. It will be evident  that you understand and encourage the nature of their business.
  • Combine both yours as well as client’s values: Search for gifts that align with both your values. Overlap of values will do well. For instance, are you both concerned about the environment? Then try searching for green or environment friendly products.

  • Narrow down your search: After you identify some products, choose those ones which will be useful and appealing to the clients. For instance, do not bore clients with continuously gifting items like T-shirts that will overwhelm their wardrobe. If you are not sure about utility to clients, go in for items which are generally useful and have broad appeal. You can go in for best corporates gadgets online like power banks.

  • Determine budget: Consider how much of your marketing budget you will want to spend on all categories of clients. In case of most companies, they will desire to gift some top clients using extra expenditure. But for others, they may have a smaller budget fitting into a more broad based expenditure.

These are some tips on how to select corporate gifts.

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