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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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Product Description

Having to go in and out of your shower to switch songs or answer important phone calls can damage your beloved mobile phone. Now with this amazing deal on the Bluetooth Shower Speaker, you can do those things all in the comfort of your shower! Available in blue, yellow, pink and green, this speaker is 100% waterproof and comes with a suction cup to stick to the any wall in your shower.

• Bluetooth Technology
• Waterproof
• Suction cup attaches to shower wall

• Press and hold the On/Off button of the speaker for about 6 seconds until the red LED and blue LED are flashing alternatively, now the speaker is ready for pairing
• Turn on your mobile phone and activate the bluetooth function
• Search for bluetooth devices, “BTS-06” will show up
• Pair your device with “BTS-06”, if password is needed, type in “0000”, then you can enjoy the fun this unique mini speaker brings to you
• Note: Do not drop the speaker into the water
• You can press the phone call button twice quickly to redial the last phone call

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