Car Heater Mug with Car / USB Charger (450ml) JFAE

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Product Description

• Black color available only
• Now take your tea / coffee with you and keep it hot!
• Be it home, office or car, this mug allows you to keep your beverage hot for long periods of time everywhere.
• Has a 12v socket which can be plugged into the car’s socket.
• Socket converts into a USB plug, making it suitable for use with computers, power banks, or electricity.
• When plugged through USB port, the mug can keep your hot beverages hot; but when used in car, it is powerful
enough to even make your cold beverage hot!
• Wire can be separated to use as a regular mug
• Double wall for convenient holding
• Capacity: 500ml (approx.)
• Power input: 12v in car and 6v through USB

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