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Hardcover Notebook with Power Bank & USB

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Product Description

1. Applicable to the meeting note.
2. When your cell phone battery runs out of power, it can charge.
3. Practical and high-quality design,with U disk storage ,insert card and paper change                function.
4. The power bank is standard product, standard input and output interface, fit for any              digital products with USB2.0 such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung and more.
5. Electricity-saving function, long cycle lifespan.
6. Easy to charge,easy to carry, portable and convenient.
7. Multi function Notebook, innovative and special, practical, high-grade, fashion, business      gifts good choice.
8. High capacity 10000mah,1.5a,includes 1 usb input and 2 output (lightning cable and              micro usb cable),can charge tablets and most smartphones,only 8 hours for full charge        of power bank,can charge an iPhone 5 times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 3 times
9. Pendrive Capacity : 8GB

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