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Instant Power Bank DIP-002 2600mAh (Digitek Brand)

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Product Description

  • Description

    • High Quality : The Super quality of Lithium Batteries, intelligent control of output current.
    • Safety : Intelligent Protection Chip to protect from Overcharge, Overheat & Short Circuit etc.
    • Compatibility : Compatible with most Smart Phone, Mobile Phone, Camera, MP3/MP4 etc.
    • Convenient : Compact Pocket sized. Changing the data line to charge variety of digital products.
    • Multi Function : Can be used as Mobile Power for the Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, MP3/MP4 etc.

    Specification :

    • Battery Type : Li-ion Battery
    • Capacity : 2600mAh
    • Input : Micro USB 5V-1A (Max)
    • Output : 5V-1A (Max)
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