Tork 10050 mAh Power Bank
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Tork 10050 mAh Power Bank

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Product Description

TORK is the one of the Lightest, Smallest and Most Efficeint 10050mAh USB Power Bank in the Market. TORK that can charge ALL of your USB cable chargeable Mobile phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, digital cameras. TORK has Dual Output Charging ports with a sliding-shutter and One Input USB port, TORK is perfect for using on long outdoor travels. It has dual USB outputs of 2.3A and 1.5A – and an 1.8 A fast charging input port which fully charges TORK in less than 6 hours. TORK gives you complete freedom to be truly mobile with your chargeable gadgets. You do not have to worry about compatibility as TORK works well with ALL Mobile Phones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Galaxy Note, Tabs, HTC, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras etc. TORK is one of the Lightest, Smallest and Most Efficient 10050mAh USB Power Banks in the market. High quality internal circuit components, superior design and Industrial Grade material offer sturdy body, very high internal and external safety and performance even in extreme conditions. Tork also keeps your expensive devices more safe while charging as the internal electronics of your device remains absolutely safe due to its overload protection design.

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