Are you in a dilemma about what promotional gifts to hand out for the sake of your company? Many companies provide corporate promotional gifts for their business expansion endeavors by making different people happy with the proper gifts.

Promotional gifts can be given to suppliers, clients, government officials and employees; all those stakeholders who will help in the progress of your company. The key tip is to ensure quality of gifts for pleasing customers and awarding employees.

The main problem is that there are many options for choosing promotional gifts and you may be confused about what to go in for. But you will be on the right track, if you go per the following tips:

  • Stick to quality: You must ensure the quality of the gifts. Remember that corporate gifts you distribute reflect the image of your company. Your complete gifting exercise will be futile, if you send out shabby gifts, because it will create a wrong impression on recipients. They will be reminded of your company for all the wrong reasons. Ensure that you source gifts from a supplier who will provide goods of high quality and will adhere to deadlines. You can find cheap promotional gifts of high quality.
  • Cost: It is the advertising budget of the company that will control cost of buying promotional merchandise. To keep within this budget, you can either buy a few special products of high value or several products of low cost. For deciding on this, you must consider the type of audience you wish to target. For targeting a wide audience, one must go in for higher number of products for lower cost. A smaller audience will need fewer items for promotion.

Power Bank

  • Occasion: different types of promotional merchandise are needed for different occasions. In the case of conference events and trade shows, small promotional items like wallets, pens and bags are suitable gifts. Such items will be used quickly and will start advertising your company within a short time. Such gift items when used for trade shows or conferences are on-going advertisement.
  • Utility: Many promotional gifts are chosen for their utility. Examples include scarves, money clips, wallets, key chains etc. The best gifts are those that can be used again and again, such that the recipient is reminded of your company on a regular basis. Thus gifts with low shelf life like chocolates must be avoided.
  • Color: The color of gifts must reflect the logo or design of your brand. Successful merchandise reflects the image of the company.
  • Style and Design: the appearance and design of a promotional product reflects the image of the company. They make the recipient aware of the nature of the company. For example it must adhere either to a modern or traditional style.
  • Recipient: When choosing a promotional item, the target audience must be kept in mind. The gift items must be valuable or useful for your specific target audience. For instance,  a recipient who uses mobile devices can be gifted with corporate gift power bank for charging their devices on the go

These are some valuable tips for choosing the promotional merchandise of your company.

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