Why Are Promotional Gifts Important For Any Business?

Businesses require promotional products as efficient and cost-effective mode of reaching out to commercial buyers.  Businesses from small start-ups to established global players use this marketing strategy.

As per a study by sageworld.com, 83% of customers are fond of getting a promotional product carrying an advertising message. 85% of recipients do business with the advertiser. Additionally, 58% of surveyed customers revealed that they keep the gift items from one year to four years.

Following are reasons why promotional gift items are important for any business:

Low Cost Marketing

Promotional products are solutions for small enterprises that dream about a large scale advertising campaign on divergent media with their small budget. They are low cost ways for running an effective campaign. Most creators of promotional products keep prices low for mass distribution. Gift items may be low in cost but high in impact.

For instance, 57% of respondents in the study were able to recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional mug. In sum, cost per impression is minimal compared to other forms of targeted or mass media advertising.

Brand Recognition

This implies that customers can recognize company name and product instantly when they spot your logo. For example, the yellow arch of McDonald is instantly recognizable. Promotional gift items bearing your logo are instantly recognizable.

Greater Exposure

Consumers keep promotional products with them for 6.6 months, on an average. They will wear a promotional T-shirt for many weeks. They will sip coffee or tea from your mug very often. What is implied by all these is that such freebies are a great way to enhance your business exposure on a daily basis.

Function As Business Card

Promotional products serve the usual function of a business card and even better. By distributing gift items, you are introducing your business to potential customers and other stakeholders. The gift items carry important information like your logo, contact information and slogan revealing your business message.

Customer Loyalty

Marketers spend many resources to build a solid base of loyal customers. They make use of promotional gifts to drive customer loyalty in a short period. But you need to take care that such products are of high-quality and preferably, branded. Customers will associate good quality of promotional merchandise with good quality of your business.

Generate More Leads and Referrals

By distributing your company’s name, logo and contact details on corporate gifts, you enhance curiosity, awareness and interest in your business. You can make use of corporate gifts as an incentive to sign up customers for free trials or capture their e-mail addresses. Customers are much more receptive to a company which offers free gifts.

Apart from leads, the company can get referrals from customers. By using their referrals, you can capitalize on their vast connections. Promotional products can thus be used for lead generation and as incentives to gain such referrals.

Increase Sales

It is a fact that customers who receive promotional products are more likely to spend on products and services of the company which gave these items. Naturally, sales will increase according to enhanced goodwill and brand awareness. Customers who think they will get more value for money will buy more from your company.

These are all reasons why promotional gift giving is important for your company.

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